photo Courtesy NYC Taxi

Written by Nikki Lucas, Community Organizer

I recently found out that the BRC (Brownsville Recreation Center), is a hub for food to be delivered directly to New Yorkers. I also found out that most of the deliveries out of the BRC are being sent to Bay Ridge, Sheepshead Bay and other locations throughout Brooklyn, while many people from Brownsville and East New York are not receiving deliveries because they are not aware of this NYC Food Delivery Assistance Program. The BRC is simply the hub, and not responsible for taking orders or deciding who receives deliveries.

This editorial is to make people of East New York and Brownsville aware of the program and how to make sure you are on the list for door to door deliveries.

The NYC Food Delivery Assistance Program is for those New Yorkers who cannot get out to pickup food and do not have anyone who can pick up food for them. Thousands of New Yorkers are having food delivered to their apartments and homes through this program. If you do not have anyone to pickup food for you be sure to state that on the application or if you call 311.  Do not tell them that you “might have someone who can pickup the food”. If you do not have a family or friend designated to pickup food for you then say that.

If you say you might have someone who can pickup the food for you then the city will not deliver the food.  You do not want to depend on a family member or friend who is not 100% committed to picking up the food for you.  Be sure to tell 311 that you DO NOT have anyone who can pickup the food for you.  Do not go hungry. The city is equipped and have the resources to deliver food to your door if you have health issues or a real hardship going out to pickup food.

Here is the link to the NYC Food Delivery Assistance Program. If you have a problem filling out the form you can call 311 and remember you are calling about the NYC Food Delivery Assistance Program. This is separate from other food programs.

Orders must be made 2 days prior to the date you want delivery and you need to contact them every 2 days if you need continuous orders. Deliveries are made by Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC)

I am thankful to and for giving us a platform to get information directly to residents of Brownsville and East New York, who are typically left out of the loop for food, housing and employment.